22-year-old gun Amelia Navascues has been tapped as Triple J’s next movie reviewer, and if you’ve turned on a radio at any point in the past few years, you’d recognise the importance of being Marc Fennell’s replacement. If not, here’s a brief rundown: it’s a big bloody deal. 

While it’ll take a hot minute for audiences to get acquainted with the young gun, it’s already pretty clear the J’s have made a sage decision in acquiring her services. Navascues has already produced some ace content for community radio orgs 2SER, The Wire and FBi, in addition to studying a Bachelor of Communications at UTS.

If you’re absolutely fanging to get an idea of what Navascues’ reviews might sound like, the pitch she used to apply for the gig is available for listening online

In it, she gives a pretty brisk run-down of ABC’s You Can’t Ask That, saying “they don’t try to gloss over the issues, there’s no unnecessary dramatisation: the answers just sort of speak for themselves, and I think that’s a really important thing worth recognising.”

That doesn’t mean she’s afraid of being brutal, though. In a review of Bitter Harvest, a 2017 flick depicting a real-world famine in 1930’s Ukraine, Navascues call it “a shallow attempt to retell history with some pretty atrocious acting.

“The film at too many times feels almost black comedy in its inexcusable inauthenticity, and barely scrapes the surface on a tragic period of history that truly deserves far more filmic justice.”
Got ’em. 

Elsewhere, Navascues is also a pretty keen photog and avid doodler, as evidenced by these luscious visuals:

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‘Mum, I don’t want to be rich. I want to be EFFLUENT.’ #kathandkim

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She told her new employer that she’d be stoked if Adam Sandler played her in a biopic, so watch this space for her ten-year retrospective on Click.

In somewhat more ~srs~ news, she also told ’em “I’d really just love to see more voices being heard in arts criticism and I think it’s about time the people criticising art should reflect the Aussie landscape!”

You can expect to hear her on the airwaves in the near future, and what a grouse future it promises to be.

Source: Triple J.
Photo: Instagram.