Triple J’s Marc Fennell Calls It Quits & There’s A Hunt For His Replacement

The mass exodus from Triple J continues, with Marc Fennell a.k.a. ‘That. Movie. Guy‘ (which you absolutely just said in his voice) announced this morning he was leaving the public radio station to do – er, something else.

“I’ve made roughly 734 reviews over 11 years,” he wrote this morning. “I’ve outlived 5 breakfast shows and the entire ‘Twilight‘ franchise. I think now is the time for someone new.”

Fennell started at Triple J at the ripe young age of 20, and his farewell is a giant trip down memory lane for anyone who remembers the station from the start of the millennium.

“I will always remember my first exposure to triple j. It was a Hottest 100 party in 2001. I was hooked instantly. Adam [Spencer] and Wil [Anderson] had a breakfast show that made being a nerd seem cool. Richard Kingsmill introduced me to my new favourite music but also gave me reasons to appreciate the music I hated. On Sunday nights before the school week, I was glued to Fenella Kernebone and Megan Spencer introducing me to new movies, arts and culture. I’d never experienced radio like that. It made me feel connected to a universe far bigger than my microscopically small community Christian high school. It made me feel included. Even in the depths of shitty, shitty self-loathing adolescence, I could see a horizon.”

The good news for you hungry young media types? Triple J is right the hell now looking for a replacement.

“We’re kicking off a nationwide search for a new That Movie Guy That Content Consumer That Media Human* who can chat to Australia about what they’re watching,” it wrote.

“And to reflect the current media landscape, we’re looking for someone who can review movies, TV, streaming situations and anything else that happens on a screen, because the times they are a-changing. (See: Marc’s Watchmen review). We want to know what you love, what you hate and how many _______ out of five you’re giving out.”

Get applying HERE. And hurry – you’ve literally got one week.

Thanks for the reviews, mate. Five out of five FAMILIAR COMFORTING VOICES WE’RE GONNA MISS LIKE HELL :).

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