The ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Trailer Is Here So Strap In For An Truly Wild Ride


The second season of Westworld blew up the established order of the show in a lot of interesting ways, and by the looks of things, the third is shaping up to be even wilder still.

The new trailer brings back some familiar faces, including Evan Rachel Wood‘s Dolores, and Thandie Newton‘s Maeve, who seems to be hosting at an all-new historically-themed park.

Tessa Thompson also makes a return, while the likes of Aaron Paul (seen in the first trailer for season three), Lena Waithe and Vincent Cassel are joining the cast.

Speaking at the Comic Con panel where the trailer debuted, Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan revealed some intriguing new details about the upcoming season.

He said that, where season one was known as ‘The Maze’ by the creative team, and season two was ‘The Door’, the writers have been referring to the next batch of episodes as ‘The New World’.

Aaron Paul spoke to the panel about his character Caleb, a construction worker who forges some kind of bond with Dolores when she escapes to the world outside the park. He said:

 “We all know the world we’re placed within. My character, Caleb, this is the world he’s born into. It’s very normal for him. But its impossible for him to not wish for a better world, just like we all wish for a better, less complicated world where we can all get along and love one another. Some people are born into privilege and some are born into poverty. Caleb was born into a complicated thing. He’s just learning to roll with the punches.”

The third season of Westworld is set to debut in 2020.