Here’s Exactly When & Where ‘Westworld’ Season Two Is Dropping In Australia

Bring yourself back online: Westworld is finally back.

After two long years – and coming in to fill the Game of Thrones-sized hole in 2018 – the show that asks, “If you could fuck and/or kill a robot… would you?” is at last back on our screens.

And much like Game of Thrones, Foxtel in Australia is bringing it to you at the exact same time as the US, and again later that night. It’s on Showcase (available with the Drama pack, and also available via a two-week free trial) at 11am AEST and again at 8:30pm AEST.

If you’re relying on watching it via catchup… perhaps don’t, if this response is anything to go by.

Here’s exactly when it’s coming back for ‘ya.

QUEENSLAND: 11am, 8:30pm

NEW SOUTH WALES: 11am, 8:30pm

VICTORIA: 11am, 8:30pm

TASMANIA: 11am, 8:30pm

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: 10:30am, 8pm



Meanwhile, if you’ve forgotten anything from season one, Westworld have made this handy catch-up video. It’s been a long-ass time, okay? Dolores [Evan Rachel Wood] has changed, [SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER] into the murderous Wyatt, Maeve [Thandie Newtown] is fully conscious and on the hunt for her daughter, and Ford [Anthony Hopkins] is dead. Maybe.

And on top of that, Westworld is straight-up trying to fuck with you, by releasing a new teaser for season two and inviting you to see what you can figure out from it. Given they’re now several steps ahead of the diehard Reddit community, you’ll probably find nothing of huge value, but go ahead and watch it frame-by-frame anyway.