Thandie Newton Will Be Getting Equal Pay For ‘Westworld’ Season 3

In a well-overdue development from the world of TV, Westworld actress Thandie Newton has announced that she will be receiving equal pay to her male co-stars from the third season of the show onward.

This news follows an announcement last month from Evan Rachel-Wood, who confirmed that she would be receiving the same salary as her co-stars Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris for the third season of the popular show.

Speaking with Vanity Fair about pay negotiations for the HBO series, Newton said:

“They’re all happening right now, and yeah, we’re all equal across the board. It’s really exciting. It’s unprecedented. It’s – goodness; it shatters so much calcified pain, resentment, frustration. It just shatters it.”

In fact, following the successful salary bump, Thandie Newton says that she won’t sign on for any new projects unless she’s getting equal pay. “Fuck that,” she said. “It literally sets a precedent, and [HBO is] leading the way, which is amazing.”

Earlier this month, HBO executive Casey Bloys said that the network had actively sought to identify any unfair pay differences between male and female stars in its existing shows and fixed them up, telling The Hollywood Reporter:

“We just finished our process where we went through and made sure that there were no inappropriate disparities in pay, and where there were, if we found any, we corrected it going forward.”