Watch The Trailer For ‘Escape From Tomorrow’, The Film Secretly Shot At Disneyland

American writer-director Randy Moore had a dream – to make a dark, neo-noir sci-fi/horror/fantasy feature film, presenting a creepy and disturbing take on the wonderful world of Disney, set and shot entirely on location inside the gates of Disneyland. Disney, fiercely protective of their intellectual property, would certainly never have allowed it to happen, had Moore asked for their permission. So he didn’t. But he made the movie anyway.

Moore, his cast and crew secretly (and potentially illegally) filmed Escape From Tomorrow at Disneyland parks in Orlando and California for 25 days, using cameras similar to those used by tourists, and distributing scripts and shooting information on iPhones, so as not to draw attention to themselves. The film follows a father who’s sanity is challenged on the last day of a family holiday at Disneyland, as the Happiest Place On Earth descends into a sinister, surreal nightmare.

Escape From Tomorrow
premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, which sadly may have been the film’s first and last public showing. As the LA Times reports, “The movie will have a legal Everest to climb.” Given how negatively Disneyland is portrayed in the film (one scene positions various Disney Princesses as prostitutes hanging off the arms of wealthy Asian businessmen), and the flagrant infringement of copyright on characters and other intellectual property, “it would be hard to imagine how Disney would ever allow this film to see the light of day.”

Check out the creeperiffic trailer for Escape From Tomorrow below: