Disneyland Release Fabulous Rainbow Mickey Ears In Time For Pride Month

Well, isn’t this a bit sweet? With the LGBT+ Pride Month approaching this June, Disneyland parks in America have launched rainbow-coloured Mickey Mouse ears in a show of love and support for the community.

This comes as Disney continue to take steps to better their representation of the LGBT+ community in both their animated and live-action films and fans couldn’t be happier.

The Pride Ears, otherwise officially known as the Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love ears have been spotted around and about in Disneyland California and its massive sister park in Orlando, Florida.

Unsurprisingly, the ears have been selling out fast so for those who haven’t been able to get their paws on one, social media has become a game of “spot the rainbow Mickey”. 

New York Times best-selling author, actor, and Youtuber  Joey Graceffa was one of the first to upload a video which featured the rainbow ears. Joseph and his partner Daniel Preda had taken Daniel’s nephew to Disneyland for the first time and folks, it was as magical as you’d expect it to be.

And this one,

Since then, dozens of Disney lovers have taken to Twitter to share their Pride Ears.

Gio, a producer and director also uploaded a vlog to Youtube as he went on a hunt to find himself a pair of the rainbow ears. According to the staff members, the ears are only available at the Disney Parks in California and Orlando and are unfortunately limited edition… for now.

And, you can even get Rainbow Embroidery on your rainbow ears because Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth.

On June 28 1969, New York police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar, in an attempt to intimidate and arrest the innocent people inside. In the days following, the LGBT+ community and their allies took a stand together and protested along the city streets. This has been remembered as one of the first mass demonstrations of Pride and continued ever since with hundreds of thousands marching together around the world in pride and for love.

Joseph’s video already has more than 330,000 views on Youtube. You can watch it below.