Disneyland Just Opened A Dedicated Homewares Store For All You Disney Tragics

There are many, many adults obsessed with Disney. I heard an extremely concerned yet equally inspiring story the other day about someone so obsessed with Beauty & The Beast that they had life-size cut outs of Belle & The Beast in their bedroom, and once boned to ‘Be Our Guest’, which is a strange choice of tune IMO but hey, you do you.

Anyway. The point is – lots of you love Disney a lot and would gladly kit out your abode with Disney-themed paraphernalia. And now, you can. Well, you always could – goddamn have you seen the insane stuff on Etsy? But officially now, you can.

See, Disneyland has an entire store dedicated to homewares now. If you’ve been to Disneyland you’ll fully comprehend how exciting this is. The Disney folk do themed wares GOOD. Real good.

I almost bought a Beauty and the Beast themed engagement ring last time I was there and I don’t have a boyfriend. Also, that story above is not mine I swear to god. I never boned to ‘Be Our Guest’. I DIDN’T, I SWEAR.

The store juuuust opened on Feb 14, in the Downtown Disney District of the Disneyland Resort. Each season the store will change it’s curated wares, but for now here’s a look at some of the stuff you can cop this season.

Oh, and if you thought your pet had to miss out on the fun – they absolutely don’t. PLEASE. This is DISNEY.


That’s it, I’m booking a flight immediately.