Drake Bell’s Entire Bloody Pad Is Disneyland-Themed, Thought You Ought To Know

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

00s Nickelodeon heart-throb Drake Bell just gave a house tour and, as it turns out, the entire thing is littered with Disneyland paraphernalia.

The Drake & Josh alumni gave the tour as part of a recent Zoom chat with Disney fan channel WDW News Today.

Drake, bless him, revealed his extensive Disneyland gear, featuring a Tiki Room with Jungle Book prints, Mickey Mouse collector’s items, Adventureland masks, a ‘haunted mansion’-esque bathroom and a fucktonne of Disneyland art (which you can check out in the video below).

My favourite part of the 6-minute tour, though, was seeing how bored some of the Zoom attendees looked after the tour.

Check out these bored mugs. So fucking bored. So desperately unhappy. They couldn’t even fake smiles. It’s a real mood.

“I leave Disneyland and I come home to Disneyland,” Drake joked. The two guys’ faces didn’t budge.

Now, I’m not saying that having a Disneyland-themed house is a bad thing – there are some pretty impressive elements to his collection, after all – but I’m also wondering how I’d react if I went home with a guy after a night out and he turned on the lights to reveal rooms and rooms filled with Disneyland paraphernalia. Probably not well.

Check out the full house tour below.

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Alexa, play ‘I Found A Way’ by Drake Bell.