President-Elect Donald Trump’s picks for his cabinet have been… Well, interesting, inasmuch as many of ’em seem flatly counter-intuitive. 

You needn’t look further than his choice for head of the Environmental Protection Agency to get a feel for his style – the bloke is a flat-out climate denier.  

WATCH: ‘SNL’ Revives Fkn Heisenberg To Savage Trump’s Insane Cabinet Picks

With that bizarro appointment in mind, Saturday Night Live decided to have a pop at his incoming choice for head of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

And, holy shit: they managed to revive the greatest (fictitious) opponent the DEA has ever encountered.

None other than Bryan Cranston donned Walter White / Heisenberg’s porkpie hat to announce he’ll be stepping into Trump’s administration. 

In several perfect minutes of fan-service, the show not only savaged the inane nature of the Donald’s decisions, it also officially re-wrote the Breaking Bad canon – White’s still alive, yo:

white – Streamable

“Make America cook again,” indeed.

Source and photo: Saturday Night Live / NBC.