Watch New Promos For ‘True Blood’ Season Six

HBO’s camp vamp series True Blood returns to do bad things to you on June 16th on US television and subsequently to streaming platforms the world over. After the climactic vision that capped off last season’s cliffhanger finale in which [SPOILER ALERT] Vampire Bill “rose from the blood” without pants on, reincarnated as the mother of all vampires Lillith (hello Billith!), we have no idea which of Bon Temps’ remaining residents will make it though Season Six alive.

Watch the latest teasers below. One features Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) in full anti-vampire mode which, frankly, is getting a little tired from season-to-season. The other has newly-anointed werewolf pack leader, Alcide (Joe Manganiello), dealing with full-time wolf pup, Emma, who should stay like that for always because wolf puppies are just fur-covered sacks of adorability.

Via Collider