Watch: True Blood Season Five Preview

True Blood started out as a Southern-Gothic vampire drama, heavily punctuated with shots of Ryan Kwanten’s bare torso and generous lashings of high camp; but over four seasons it has transitioned into a batshit insane all-in of enough mythological creatures to populate an Enid Blyton book. If, like many of us, you’ve remained a dedicated True Blood watcher, it’s time to get ready for Season Five which kicks off in July.

HBO has unveiled three teaser clips for what will be the show’s final season with creator and showrunner Alan Ball who, we presume, will relinquish the reins to leave more time for several film projects which he told us he has in the pipeline.

The clips below are really just geared toward jogging your memory of the critical plot lines from previous seasons, which will inevitably be dredged up in the coming episodes. But we’re pretty excited about the prospect of a couple of new cast members; including the return of Felicity alum Scott Foley as an army mate of Terry Bellefleur. And fans of Law & Order: SVU are in for a treat because Christopher Meloni (aka Elliott Stabler) joins the cast this season as an ancient vampire named Roman. Plus [SPOILER ALERT] Season Five may finally bring with it the one thing we’ve been wanting to see since the show began: a long awaited gay dalliance between Bill and Eric.