WATCH: Matthew Perry Reveals The Unaired ‘Friends’ Storyline He Killed

Your boy Matthew Perry recently stopped by Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live, where he copped the usual grilling in an attempt to make him spill his darkest secrets as part of Andy’s ‘Plead The Fifth‘ segment. 
While he straight-up refused to reveal any sexual shenanigans that may have gone on between the Friends cast – something David Schwimmer alluded to at last year’s reunion – he did reveal his least-favourite moment on the show. 
In fact, the storyline in question, which involved male strippers and sandwiches, never actually made it to air, after Perry called the network and had it killed, thinking, for whatever reason, that it was too much. 
During the same appearance on WWHL, a fan asked Perry how much much he makes in residuals from the series, which is still a monster hit in syndication and on streaming services, to which he merely said “I get a little something and go ‘hey, that’s nice!’”
Watch him take on ‘Plead The Fifth’ below:

Source: E! Online.
Photo: NBC / Getty.