Matthew Perry Made Weird Comments About Jen Aniston In His Book & It’s Ruined Friends For Me

Matthew Perry has just released his memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing and certain passages about his former co-star Jennifer Aniston are raising eyebrows.

Celebrity Memoir Bookclub, an excellent podcast that dissects the memoirs of celebrities, pointed out on TikTok that Perry’s behaviour towards Aniston was low-key slimey.

In one passage, he recounts asking Aniston out then when she declined and said she just wanted to be friends, he responded: “Well now we can’t be friends.”


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In another part, he discusses the “awkward” experience of working with Aniston after she rejected him.

He creepily recalls staring at her for multiple seconds at a time. I’m sure that created a pleasant working environment for her.

He also recounts punching a hole through her dressing room wall after finding out that Chris Farley had passed away.


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There’s a part where he discusses why Friends came to an end and he pretty much puts the blame on Jennifer Aniston.

“The truth was we were all ready for Friends to be done,” he wrote.

“For a start, Jennifer Aniston had decided that she didn’t want to do the show anymore and since we all made decisions as a group, that meant we all had to stop. Jennifer wanted to do movies.”

He also mentioned how when he got off drugs, his appearance had improved. But he sarcastically states he was “still not good enough for Jennifer Aniston.” Wow, this guy is really fucking obsessed.

At the end of the book, there’s a gratitude list of things he’s thankful for.

Included on the list is “Jenny for letting me look at that face an extra two seconds everyday.”

So… that’s all this woman is to you? Just a pretty face?


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As a long-time Friends fan, I always looked at the gang as genuine mates on screen and IRL, but knowing that Matthew Perry has been holding a grudge against Jennifer Aniston for refusing his advances is weird and gross.

No fucking wonder she wanted the show to end if her colleague was staring at her and harbouring resentments.

For more tea from the book, check out Celebrity Memoir Bookclub’s podcast.