What’s more Christmassy than a reality TV star / model / business mogul getting sexy under the northern lights? Absolutely nothing.
Kim Kardashian is getting back into the public eye after the back half of 2016 treated her very poorly. Between the robbery in Paris and Kanye‘s mental health issues, she’s had a preeetty shitty time – but she’s getting back into fray and she’s doing it the only way she knows how: wearing fur and moving in slow motion on what appears to be an alien planet.
The video has come as part of British fashion magazine ‘Love‘s Christmas advent calendar, which, delightfully, is just a bunch of short sexy videos of models and celebs – merry Christmas indeed. 
2014’s calendar saw Kendall Jenner in lingerie getting spanked by Santa, which is 100% at least one person’s fantasy:
Just a quick heads up, this video is almost completely porn noises, so might want to pop your headphones in if you’re around your nan (she’s heard it before, it’ll just start some awkward conversations):
The full-length version seems a lot less “sexy alien” and more “late 90s Madonna“, but, either way, I’m here for it:
Photo: Love.