WATCH: John Krasinski Delivers Pantsless Santa To Jimmy Kimmel’s Office

The weather is heating up. CBDs and shopping centres across the country are getting packed. Stress levels are starting to peak as work shutdowns approach. It’s Christmas time once again, friends!

And what better time than Christmas to run elaborate schemes on your near and dear?

Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski – one time real-life neighbours and legit gr8 m8s – have a long-running Christmas Prank War going against each other, which grows more grandiose in scale and effort as each year passes.
Last year, the war began making its way onto TV thanks to Kimmel’s late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Krasinksi, the devious devil that he is, had Kimmel’s car lovingly gift wrapped and presented to the host as he taped an episode of the show.

This year, however, things got supercharged, with Krasinski running a series of pranks on Kimmel – including a giant-wanged Santa, an actual Reindeer, and turning Kimmel’s office into a Winter Wonderland.

Not to be outdone, however, Kimmel served Krasinski up with a taste of his own medicine – organising a celebrity yard sale for the Office-star’s actual house, and putting a rather noggy full-stop on this year’s episode.

I tell ya. With friends like these…