Watch Hamish & Andy Make Joel Edgerton Squirm By Gifting Him A $47K Rolex

Ye olde ‘Gift of Extremely Inappropriate Monetary Value’ is a social thing that we should all know about, but for some bizarre reason, some people just don’t. It can make gift-giving events very, very awkward. 

Like, that uncle you have that buys one nephew an excellent toy and gives everyone else socks, or Michael Scott in that episode of The Office when he buys Ryan a $400 iPod during an office Secret Santa with a gift limit of $20. 
Hamish & Andy decided to test out the strength of this extremely awkward social expectation on adored Aussie actor Joel Edgerton. They decided that after an interview about his new movie ‘The Gift‘, they would thank him by gifting him a $47,000 Rolex watch – would he take the inappropriately lavish gift?