Joel Edgerton Reveals He Accidentally Concussed Cate Blanchett On Stage

Way back in 2009, ethereal being Cate Blanchett suffered a head injury during a performance of A Streetcar Named Desirewhen her co-star Joel Edgerton accidentally whacked her in the head with a prop, causing a concussion in the process.

Audience members at the Sydney Theatre Company production told media at the time that the pair attempted to go on, but after blood was seen streaming down the actress’ neck, the lights went down and and supposed “technical difficulties” put an end to the performance.

Almost ten years later, presumably after recovering from the shame of cracking a national treasure over the noggin with a prop, Joel Edgerton has finally opened up about his side of the story, revealing what happened with Cate Blanchett that fateful night.

As a horrified James Corden looked on, he explained how he had intended to throw the prop radio out a window on set after grabbing it from his co-star’s hands, but the stunt went badly wrong, when she bounced back up from a bed too soon.

Allow him to explain: