WATCH: Emma Watson Sings Beauty & The Beast’s Bonjour-Heavy Opening Choon


Today Disney‘s Beauty & The Beast released a snippet of Emma Watson singing “Belle” – you know, the film’s opening choon about the boring-as-batshit “provincial town” she lives in – and look, I haven’t been this keen for a soundtrack since Cruel Intentions.

You’d be right in suggesting that nothing quite compares to the original (*clutches Classic Disney: 60 Years of Musical Magic soundtrack compilation*), but Watson and Disney have given this one a red-hot crack I reckon.

Almost identical to the 1991 cartoon version but like IRL, it includes the baker with his tray (like always) and the judgemental small-town Bonjour’ing folk baffled by Belle’s “strange” ways. What’s so odd about reading a book? It makes just as much sense now as it did back then.

Anyway, it’s easily the best take we’ve seen since this stellar interpretation back in 2011 (if you haven’t seen the spoof, fix that asap) which remains one of the greatest gifts YouTube has ever given us.

Disney’s latest bait is 10/10 working on my part, and my word there’s been a shit-ton of bait rolling out over the last couple of months, hasn’t there? Posters, trailers, interviews – but the musical element of Beauty & The Beast is well and truly where the money’s at. Not gunna lie, I’m patiently awaiting a teaser for Something There before the movie’s release in March, though.


Photo: Facebook / Disney Beauty And The Beast.