Watch Emma Watson Pole Dance In A Clip From Sofia Coppola’s ‘Bling Ring’

Lens-flaring manic pixie dream auteur Sofia Coppola has put aside her mood boards for long enough to release a preview clip of the year’s second ode to celebrity trash culture after Spring Breakers, The Bling Ring, a true story featuring Hermione Granger as the leader of a rag tag group of felons who robbed from the rich and gave to their less rich but still pretty rich selves. 

In the following preview clip debuted by MTV, Watson and one of Blair Waldorf’s minions raid what looks like Paris Hilton’s closet before partaking in a spot of da club, including a coming-of-age pole dancing routine from Watson. It’s just like Marie Antoinette meets Somewhere, except there’s a distinct lack of pastry cream and no new romantic soundtrack. There is, however, the assurance that Coppola knows what she’s doing by now, writing and directing in her preferred metier: that of the hedonistic lives of the rich, famous and bored. 
The Bling Ring also stars American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga, Gavin Rossdale and cool mom for hire Leslie Mann. It’s yet to receive an Australian release date but you should be able to expect a limited run sometime between June 12th (France) and November 14th (Argentina). So, like, whenever. 
Watch the first full-length teaser trailer here.

via MTV