WATCH: Channing Tatum Is A Pretty Good Stand For Simone Biles’ Gold Medals

Everyone’s got their heroes; it doesn’t matter who you are. Even your heroes have heroes.

Even Channing Tatum gets giddy as a schoolgirl over meeting athletes, for example.
And in terms of American sports, there ain’t many bigger heroes getting about at the moment than Simone Biles – the powerhouse gymnast who casually rocked up to Rio and took our 4 gymnastics gold medals and one bronze in her first Olympic Games as you bloody well do.
It turns out Tatum, and wife Jenna Dewan, watched the whole damned thing. All of it. Start to finish. All the games. And as such, he became quite the fan of Biles. Which made it all the more adorable when Tatum and Biles happened to wind up as guests on the same episode of Ellen together.
C-Tates, not-so-quietly freaking out, gushed about the prospect of meeting the 19-year-old gymnast. And not only that, but offered himself up as furniture in her house: A beautiful, chiseled stand for her new collection of medals.

Now that’s an IKEA flatpack we could get heavily involved with, TBH.

Source: The Ellen Show/YouTube.