Superhuman Olympian Simone Biles Flips Over Meeting Human Actor Zac Efron

Lil’ pocket rocket Simone Biles has been absolutely killing it and making all kinds of waves at the Rio Olympics this year. 
The American gymnast is part of the gold medal winning team dubbed ‘The Final Five‘, and all up, she’s won 4 Gold and one Bronze medal now. She’s absolutely goddamn killing it. 
But we have to remember y’all – most of the athletes we watch at the Olympics are crazy young. Simone is only 19, which means she was born in 1997. 
And what do teenage girls tend to love? Zac Efron. Majority of straight teen women friggin’ looooooooove old mate Zacky
Shockingly, Simone is no different! She met the lusted-after actor on ‘Today‘ in the US, and now her Twitter is just made up of tweets deeming herself ‘Mrs. Efron’
Apart from her pinned tweet, there’s barely any Olympics related content to be seen. Her gold medals are cool and all, but they ain’t shit compared to this video of her smoochin’ Zac:

She’s on cloud nine, you guys! We cannot stop awwwww-ing:

But, saving the best for last – look at her freak the fuck out when he surprise kisses her on the cheek:

Source: Twitter / @simone_biles.
Photo: Twitter / @zacefron