Absolute GOAT Simone Biles Becomes 1st Woman To Land Stupidly Ridiculous Move

Simone Biles

I ran for the bus last week and when I woke up the next day, my body ached. And then there’s Simone Biles who has become the first woman in the world to complete a triple-double on floor, locking in her sixth U.S. Gymnastics Championships title.

[jwplayer gMM7VMnT]

Technical words aside, the move consists of three twists and two flips from a running start, and then landing back on your feet. Biles completed the move and words really can’t do her level of stunning athleticism justice so let’s just roll to the footage.

And once more in extreme slow motion.

How? How does someone get that much height in one jump? A better question: how does someone make their body do that?

The Olympic gold-medallist is the first woman to ever land a triple double, also known as the triple-twisting, double flip, during her floor routine. And just a little while earlier, Biles made some more history when she became the first gymnast to ever attempt, and land, a [checks notes] double-double, twisting, double somersault dismount from the balance beam. 

Again, let’s roll to the footage.

You just know Biles is going to absolutely clean up at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Biles also won the national titles on floor exercise, vault, and she finished third in her “weakest” – weakest – event, uneven bars. She’s now sitting on 20 national championships. She’s 22. I’m 22. This is really putting my life into perspective.

According to Team USA, this is Biles’ “sixth in six tries at the senior U.S. championships.” The only time Biles didn’t claim the win was in 2017, when she stepped away for a year… after winning five medals at the Rio Olympic Games.

Simone Biles is well and truly the GOAT of gymnastics.