Rideshare Driver Tests Offroad Capabilities By Barreling Down Bondi Stairwell

Let’s hear it for the Audi Q3. The small but capable SUV has been adopted by drivers across Australia, who flock to the Q3 for its handsome styling and Audi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

The Q3 can do a hell of a lot. One thing it can’t do is drive down a set of stairs at a Bondi carpark.

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The Daily Telegraph reports a ride-share driver accidentally turned and drove their Audi down a set of stairs in Sydney’s eastern suburbs this morning after mistaking the walkway for a carpark entrance.

The vehicle see-sawed itself on the top step of the Hall St Wilson Parking facility, reportedly confusing onlookers and nearby workers.

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Speaking to the Tele, a NSW Police spokesperson said the incident caused minor damage to car’s surroundings, and that the driver had exchanged deets with the building’s owner.

No charges will be filed, they added.

It is unclear which ride-sharing service was involved, and what kind of star rating the driver will receive because of it.