Two Cars In Sydney Found Mounting Each Other & That’s How Baby Cars Are Made

A valet driver in Sydney has had to be rescued after a bizarre incident where the Porsche Carrera he was driving wound up wedged underneath an orange Subaru 4WD.

Wild photos show the Subaru practically mounting the absurdly expensive Porsche outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Sussex Street, with the bingle happening at approximately 8:20am this morning in full view of stunned on-lookers.

The valet was reportedly attempting to park the Porsche when the car got away from him, wedging itself under the Subaru and trapping the worker inside.

NSW Police confirmed that a portion of the Porsche’s soft top roof had to be cut away to free the worker, who while embarrassed about the whole ordeal, was reportedly uninjured.

The $240,000 Porsche was successfully extracted from under the Subaru and towed away, with the hotel asserting they are conducting a full investigation into the incident in conjunction with NSW Police and the owners of the two vehicles.

The valet, for his part, was given the rest of the day off.

My man out here pulling some rank GTA V ramp car shit in the IRL. We’ve all dreamed of getting low on some slow drivers and hoiking them to kingdom come, but this is next level entirely.

That said, it’s certainly a creative solution to a lack of car parks in the inner-city.

It’s the kind of forward-thinking ingenuity that keeps the world spinning.