Richard Pusey Allegedly Took “Disturbing Pleasure” In Zooming In On The Porsche Crash Scene

Victoria Police have alleged Porsche car wreck survivor Richard Pusey “takes a disturbing pleasure in causing others fear and discomfort” during his bail application in Melbourne.

The 41-year-old mortgage broker was accused of filming dying police officers after he caused a car crash on the Eastern Freeway.

Police told the court Pusey allegedly filmed the scene for approximately three minutes and eight seconds.

“There is certainly evidence to say one of the officers was alive [while Pusey was filming],” Detective Senior Constable Aaron Price told the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Monday morning.

“He filmed in a calm matter. There’s no evidence of shock in his comments.”

While filming, he allegedly zoomed in on different parts of the car wreck and made derogatory comments.

“Amazing, absolutely amazing,” he allegedly said.

The incident took the lives of Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King and Constables Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney, who all died at the scene.

Pusey was charged with driving at a dangerous speed and reckless conduct endangering life, among other offences.

Other charges he’s facing include failing to render assistance, the destruction of evidence, drug possession, failing to remain after a drug test or render assistance, as well as three counts of committing an indictable offence while of bail.

In opposing Pusey’s bail, police said he had “absolutely no regard for safety of other road users” and argued “if the accused were released on bail, he would continue his reckless driving behaviour”.

Pusey has been in custody since April 23. His bail hearing was adjourned for a decision on Thursday.