WATCH: All Your Fave Comedy Peeps Star In The ‘Don’t Think Twice’ Trailer

At the risk of getting too personal, if someone cracked open my brain and made a dang movie out of all the stupid likes and predilections and whatnot, it’d probably look dangerously similar to this.

This probably means I’ve got downright atrocious taste in everything, but I do not care because this looks freaking excellent.
Utterly first-class comedian Mike Birbiglia first tried his hand at film directing in 2012 by turning his stand-up show/This American Life episode ‘Sleepwalk With Me‘ into a film of the same name that just-so-happened to be bullshit great; easily one of the better films of the year.
His follow-up effort to that is this little number that goes by the name of ‘Don’t Think Twice,’ a jaunty-lookin’ little indie comedy/drama that’s got just about all your favourite comedy-peeps in it.
The film debuted at SXSW and absolutely destroyed, with many reports from early screenings suggesting that not only was it bullshit-funny, but that it hit so close to home that there was barely a dry eye in the house (even Birbiglia‘s) during the film’s climax.
The story centres around a tightly-knit improv troupe in New York who have to navigate personal and professional jealousies when one of the group scores a big break on a SNL-esque national sketch show, whilst the rest are left behind to reassess their lives as struggling performing artists.
The first official trailer for the film has dropped, ahead of its July 22nd wide-release, and it looks like a real solid little watch.

Birbiglia wrote, directed, and starred in the film, alongside Gillian Jacobs, Keegan-Michael Key, Chris Gethard, Kate Miccuci, Tami Sagher, Lena Dunham, and Ben Stiller, among others. ‘This American Life‘ creator Ira Glass served as a producer on the flick.
If it’s half as good as ‘Sleepwalk With Me,’ this is absolutely going to be worth your time.
Source: Uproxx.