WATCH: ‘The Martian’ With A Laugh-Track Fixes The “It’s Not A Comedy” Issue

The Martian is an excellent little film that rightfully picked up accolades at the recent Golden Globe awards.

The Ridley Scott-directed film scored the Best Picture – Musical or Comedy award, and Matt Damon won himself the Best Action – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his work in the role of botanist Mark Watney.
Here’s the problem with that, though.
The Martian sure as shit isn’t a comedy film. And it’s not really a musical either. And the fact that it was even placed in the Musical or Comedy category to begin with certainly caused a lot of brow furrowing. Even from Ridley Scott himself when he accepted the award.

As it turns out, however, everyone who doubted that categorisation was completely wrong. We’ve just been looking at the film the wrong way all this time.
The film has secretly been a comedy this whole entire time. The only thing that was preventing people from recognising this was the absence of a laugh track – that thing that lets people know when is the right time to feel humour.
Some intrepid so-and-so has inserted the clearly missing laugh-track back into The Martian, and the results are a knee-slappin’, gut-bustin’, side-splittin’ good time.
It goes without saying, but there be spoilers in here.

Remember, friends. Just because it’s a dramatic scene, it doesn’t mean you can’t do a little comedy in the background. Throw a pie or two, for God’s sake!