WATCH: Adele Punks Adele Impersonators, Gets Outed By Her Killer Pipes

If Adele’s new record 25 defies all of its meteoric sales predictions and absolutely tanks, the singer could always eke out a half-decent career as an Adele impersonator.

We know that much thanks to this newly-released clip from the Beeb following her special on the UK network. It teaches two important lessons; first, there is actually a legitimate market for singers who pull their act exclusively from her work; and second, slap on a prosthetic nose and chin, and Ms. Adkins/’Jenny’ can even fool the experts. 

The clip was staged as a casting call for a fictional pilot, and her imitators took the bait – until she let those monster vocal cords rip, at least.


Is it a little cruel disguising one of the world’s most well-known artists before parading her in front of her imitators? Well, maybe. But that mind-expanding of pure realisation?
Adele knew it was coming. Graham Norton knew it was coming. You knew it was coming. That doesn’t stop it from being totally sweet, though. 

Way to work one of the most sentimental musicians of the past decade into a decent bit of comedy, BBC. 

Story via BBC.
Image via Youtube.