That new Adele album that we’ve been waiting on for fucking ages is officially coming, as the singer has announced that her new single ‘Easy On Me’ is dropping on October 15.

Taking to Instagram (after Mercury Retrograde had done its thing and fried the almighty apps), the singer shared a short teaser clip of the new song.

Here’s our first glimpse at the new Adele era below:

It comes after the singer commissioned billboards across the globe with the subtle ’30’ wording over the weekend.

When one popped up in Circular Quay, Sydney, an Adele fan asked the billboard operator what it’s for and he told the bloke that he’d been hired by Sony Music, which people took as confirmation that the billboards were promoting Adele’s new music. And now we have confirmation from the singer herself.

Some people might enjoy a cryptic clue, a cleared Instagram and a blank DP, but I personally find it annoying. Just bloody tell us what you’re selling and when you’re selling it, and I’ll see if I’m interested.

Let your work stand on its own two feet, don’t prop it up with cryptic nonsense like this. But hey, that’s just my opinion! I’m sure there are other people who enjoy the mind games. Personally, I just find it very The Joker-esque.

Anywho, keep your eyes peeled for Adele’s comeback song on October 15.