Watch A Whole Bunch of New Great Gatsby Teasers

As the weeks away premiere date for The Great Gatsby approaches, so to do more teasers. Which is great if you appreciate intense Leonardo DiCaprio close ups, hip hop or IRL manifestations of Blingee but not so much, say, if you’re an old-timey literary purist who finds the anachronistic music choices disagreeable. The 20s didn’t have rap beats! Other things old-timey purists might get mad about? Anachronistic costuming! “Historical pedantry” is what the filmmaker’s wife and creative partner Catherine Martin identified as one of the main things she avoided when designing the film’s costumes with Prada boss Miuccia Prada, because “we are not making a documentary”. Don’t let the historical accuracy of a cool frock or Jay-Z verse get in the way of a good story, basically. Check out the new teasers below…  

The Great Gatsby comes out May 30.