Here’s The Secret Meaning Behind Every Ad In WandaVision, And What They Hint About The Finale

WandaVision Ads

If you’ve been madly obsessed with WandaVision like almost everyone else, you may have noticed that each ep contains a pretty short little ad. Every time they come on you almost get the feeling that the show is trying to tell you something, but it’s hard to exactly know what. Well, you’re in luck, because I am going to break down every ad the show throws our way, and what they can tell us about how the show may end.

All in all, there are six ads across seven episodes, with episode 4 abstaining from any advertisements as it explores the world outside Westview city limits.

Every ad stars the brilliant Victoria Blade and Ithamar Enriquez, who change looks so impressively each time that you’d barely realise it was the same person.

Alright, let’s get cracking, as we wait in anticipation for the finale. From the looks of these ad secrets, we could be in for a big one.

ToastMate 2000 – Episode 1

If you thought the toaster sounded like a bomb, you wouldn’t be too far off what this little guy is trying to represent.

Listen carefully and you’ll notice that the ad presenters mention that it’s a Stark manufactured product, much like the rocket that killed Wanda’s parents in an explosion that destroyed their home (as seen in WandaVision Episode 8).

In fact, the glowing lights and beeping sounds are very similar to the rocket, which means this ad is definitely a nod to this moment in time.

Strücker Watch – Episode 2

The first time I watched this ad, I genuinely missed the fact that there is a Hydra skull and tentacle symbol on the watch, which is absolutely huge.

In fact, the whole advertisement is a reference to Hydra, with Baron Strücker being the name of the Hydra scientist who pretty much gave Wanda and her brother Pietro their powers in the first place.

Wanda, Pietro and a host of other individuals volunteered themselves to the Baron’s experiments, which were conducted using the Mind Stone within Loki’s spear. Unfortunately, only the two survived, which you could say gave the Baron a bit more time to focus on just them.

Hydra Soak – Episode 3

This one is essentially a more on-the-nose version of the watch, with the product quite literally having Hydra in its name.

The slogan for the luxury bath powder is “find the goddess within,” which is exactly what Strücker’s experiments helped Wanda do. It could be implied here that the powers existed inside her in the first place, but were just brought to the surface thanks to Hydra.

Another nod to Wanda’s powers is the actor saying “you read my mind,” which is quite literally what Wanda can do.

On top of all this, the ad makes allusions to escaping into another world, which is also the entire idea of the show.

Lagos Paper Towels – Episode 5

Time to really tap into your memory here, Marvel fans.

If you happened to skip out on watching Captain America: Civil War, then you’d have no idea what this ad is referring to. Just goes to show that you really have to watch every movie to understand everything. Thanks, Marvel.

To put it briefly, Wanda was apart of the team of Avengers lead by the Cap on a mission in Lagos, Nigeria. There’s mercenaries, explosions, and a whole lot of drama, and in the throes of action Wanda accidentally hurls an explosion into a building full of innocent civilians.

It’s an important moment for Wanda as she feels deeply responsible for the casualties. Trauma has a way of showing up in the wildest ways.

Yo-Magic – Episode 6

Moving on from Wanda and finally, we have a reference to Agatha in this ad.

In the ad, which you definitely wouldn’t see on TV today, you can see a young boy stranded on an island, struggling to open a tub of yogurt handed to him by a talking shark. Eventually, he withers away to a skeleton due to being too weak to open it up, as the shark .calls the yogurt the “snack for survivors.”

It’s trippy, and completely different from the ads before.

This is definitely referencing Agatha’s past, and the fact that she absorbed all of the energy from the witches in an Episode 8 flashback, after they attacked her. This all went down in Salem, 1693, and you might remember that when Agatha killed the witches, they withered away to almost nothing – just like in the ad.

Agatha could very well be trying to do this with Wanda as well, thereby making her the shark, while Wanda is the child stuck on an island, trying to escape.

Nexus Antidepressants – Episode 7

Multiverses and alternate realities, here we come!

In the Marvel comic universe, The Nexus of All Realities is a gateway that opens up to other timelines and universes, which could be something that upcoming movies may want to explore.

We already know that Spider-Man 3 will be exploring the nature of multiple timelines clashing at once, and we also have confirmation that the next Doctor Strange movie is called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so it’s safe to say this ad alludes to the future rather than the past.

In the comics, Wanda / Scarlet Witch is also considered to be a ‘Nexus Being’, who is someone who can travel through the multiverses, and keeps the entire universe in control. Perhaps Wanda will realise her potential in this area very very soon.

You can catch the finale of WandaVision on Disney+ right now.