8 Wild Bombshells Dropped At The Absolute Binfire That Is The Vanderpump Rules S10 Reunion

The time has come, my friends. The Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion part one just dropped on Hayu. Yep, the reunion was so damn spicy, it needed not one, not two, but THREE parts to delve into the Scandoval, AKA the cheating drama involving Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss.

ICYMI: a few months back, the Bravo world was rocked by the revelation that Tom Sandoval, who was in a nine-year relationship with Vanderpump Rules co-star Ariana Madix, has been having an affair with their other co-star and friend Raquel Leviss.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, the not-so-happy couple. (Credit: Instagram)

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, the gruesome twosome. (Credit: Instagram)

After seeing the initial events unfold in the last few eps of Vanderpump Rules Season 10, part one of the reunion is finally here and a bunch of bombshells have been dropped.

Brace yourselves for the madness!

Everything that happened at the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion

The text exchange between Raquel Leviss and Ariana Madix about the affair

During the episode, Ariana Madix unveiled the spicy text exchange she had with Raquel after finding out about the affair and it’s… hysterical.

“She texted me,” Ariana told host Andy Cohen. “It took her 48 whole hours to text me.”

Lucky for us thirsty fans, they included a screenshot of the convo: “You are DEAD TO ME,” Ariana texted to Raquel, to which she replied, “Ariana, I don’t know what to say right now besides I really fucked up and I am so so so sorry.”

Ariana ended the convo with: “Shut the fuck up you fucking RAT.”

It’s RAT in all caps for me.

Tom Sandoval claimed his and Ariana Madix’s relationship is fake

In news that will shock no one, Tom Sandoval pretty much copped to his relo with Ariana being purely made for TV.

“Ariana and I kept our relationship pretty private for many years,” he said.

“We had issues. I felt like I was her gay BFF. We put on a front when we were filming and I even talked to our showrunner. For us to be having these issues and keeping it from people, I just didn’t think it was fair to the rest of the cast.”

We then saw a flashback from September 2022 in which Tom tells a producer, “I feel guilty, people put themselves out there, man. It’s not fair. I feel like it’s important for us to, like, talk about this shit and not pretend like it’s all amazing.”

Ariana’s response to his comments? “I feel like I always showed everything, from my point of view,” she said during the reunion. “He’s framing it now as something else. Because he has to, he’s desperate.”

A reality TV relationship being fake? Alert the authorities!

Why Raquel Leviss was not at the reunion

One of the most bonkers elements of the reunion is the fact that Raquel, whose name is dropped more than Bethenny Frankel would drop “Skinnygirl” on RHONY, was not in the room.

There’s a reason for this, and it’s to do with the law (!!!).

Raquel was forced to watch the reunion from her trailer because she was “not legally allowed to be in the same room as Scheana Shay due to the restraining order that she filed” after their alleged altercation, according to Andy.

Although she wasn’t physically present, the editors cut to her reactions to everything being said and it’s pure television gold.

Lala Kent reckons Tom Sandoval has Randall Emmett energy

Spicy gal Lala Kent wasn’t shy about giving her opinion on the whole thing.

During her heated spiel, she compared Tom to her grimy-ass ex Randall Emmett and even said that more scandals would likely emerge involving the TomTom owner.

“Give it 10 years, he is Randall Emmett,” she said. “He is absolutely terrifying, I couldn’t get Randall to stay home, and then when shit hit the fan, I couldn’t get him the fuck out of the house. That is the fucking narcissist. Everyone needs to be warned about this person. Like this is a dangerous human being.”

Queen mother Lisa Vanderpump called the comparison as well as Lala’s prediction “ridiculous.”

“I didn’t ask for anyone else’s opinion,” she said to her ex-boss. The SHADE.

“He was sleeping next to her, this was his life partner. If he could do that to her, there’s something wrong with this person.”

Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy almost had a physical altercation

As we saw in the wild trailer, Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy almost got physical while battling it out at the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

“You’ve been a big bro, dude,” James said. “It just goes to show how much a friend you never were. You’ve always been an opportunist.”

But after Tom replied, “You fucked Kristen [Doute] to get on the show,” an angry-ass James flew up out of his chair and went to attack Tom but was stopped by Andy Cohen (bless you, daddy).

The blokes sat back down, then Tom quipped: “Get in my face again I will fuck you up, motherfucker,” causing Tom to once again get up and say, “I will fuck you up so quickly.”

Andy Cohen restrained him again and commanded him to “stay in the fucking chair.”

James then left the set to cool off, but not before delivering the now-infamous line: “Pussy bitch. You’re a worm with a moustache!”

Andy Cohen scolded the cheaters

Daddy Cohen let the cheaters have it with an impassioned spiel.

“This is a group of cheaters,” the Watch What Happens Live host said.

“James, you slept with Kristen while she and Sandoval were still together. Ariana, you cheated with Sandoval while Tom was with Kristen. Schwartz, you made out with literally everyone when you were married to Katie [Maloney]. James and Lala, you guys had sex with each other despite already being in relationships with other people. No one in this group has clean hands except for Katie and LVP.”

You TELL ‘EM, king.

Tom Schwartz confirmed he hooked up with his roommate Jo Wenberg

“It did evolve into a situationship or a friends with benefits thing with clearly defined boundaries,” Tom Schwartz shared.

“We were both coming out of long-term relationships and for a minute there we were each other’s happy place.”

Katie then interjected: “Jo [Wenberg] is a creep.”

Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz went on a secret trip

After Tom Schwartz dropped the dime on his hookup, Andy Cohen asked if he, Jo Wenberg, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss ever went on double dates. Then when he said no, he immediately got called out. Which is when mad tea was spilled.

“The four of you went to Big Bear together!” Katie Maloney yelled, to which he replied, “It was not a double date.”

Ariana then chimed in, “What was it, a fuck fest?”

When Tom Schwartz responded, “I was going snowboarding with Tom Sandoval,” Ariana Madix fired back, “And why wasn’t I invited then if there were other girls invited?”

James Kennedy claimed his ex-fiancée Raquel “hates snowboarding,” adding, “She came to fucking fuck Tom.”

Lala added, “To suck Sandoval’s dick.”

The Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion part one will drop on Hayu today. Every other spicy ep is also now streaming if ya wanna get caught up, and part two will drop at the same time next week.