Remember When The Vampire Diaries Cast Got Arrested? An Insider Reveals What Really Happened

It was the year 2009. I was in year 8 at school. Supré bags were a hot, must-have fashion accessory. I wore statement belts to youth group, dyed my hair black, and listened to Fall Out Boy on repeat. The hottest fashion was often red and black, a homage to the vampire-obsessed era following Twilight’s insane success. And off the back of that, the teen drama series The Vampire Diaries was born. But before The Vampire Diaries series was popular enough to have everyone discussing whether they were Team Damon or Team Stefan, four of the main stars of the show – Sara Canning, Kayla Ewell, Candice Accolla and Nina Dobrev – were arrested for allegedly “flashing drivers and hanging from a bridge.”

Unfortunately for the young soon-to-be stars, it became quite the scandal as TMZ and other gossip outlets started spreading this juicy story all before the series had even launched. Soon after, their mugshots began circulating online. Thankfully, unlike Trump, the girlies were serving in their mugshots.

 The Vampire Diaries Cast
They may be mugshots, but that’s a slay. (Image Source: Monroe County Sheriff Department)

While it was a big story at the time, it didn’t really seem to have any effect on the show’s popularity. Vampire Diaries went on to have eight seasons and two other spin-off series called The Originals and Legacies. Not too shabby!!

Yesterday, on the 14th anniversary of the gal’s highly-publicised arrest, Carina Adly Mackenzie who was a writer on Vampire Diaries, decided to clear up what happened that fateful evening once and for all.

“Okay I’m saying it,” she began in a tweet.

“They were doing a photo shoot (not for TVD, just for a photographer friend) on the bridge. The ‘flashing’ reported by drivers was a CAMERA FLASH and it was misinterpreted by the officer. The misunderstanding was cleared up and everybody went home.”

Carina also stated that they weren’t hanging from the bridge but just hanging out on the bridge.

“It maybe wasn’t SUPER safe, but they weren’t maniacs. Nina and Sara had JUST gotten their work visas to do TVD in the US. They were very aware that breaking laws could get them literally deported.

“They just felt cute because they’d had their hair & makeup tests done earlier and thought it’d be fun to take some pics together! Look how ~provocative and edgy~ it all was. OoOOooH sCaaaanDALOUS.”

She concluded by saying that her friends “are nice girls and always were.”

While I think this is a hilarious twist to the Vampire Diaries lore, a bunch of fans are low-key sad that they weren’t arrested for flashing their bits to people and hanging off a bridge.

(Image Source: X / @klickgon)
(Image Source: X / @Mivo483)

Well, there you have it. Just one big misunderstanding!