Underworld And Volkswagen App Makes Music That Responds To How You Drive

It’s the coolest driving soundtrack since College delicately wailed “Reaaaaaaal human beeeeen” over luscious images of Ryan Gosling in a scorpion jacket.

Pioneering UK dance act Underworld have teamed with carmaker Volkswagen (Das Auto) for the Play The Road project, creating an app that takes real time driving information from the current model Golf GTI’s onboard computer like speed and RPM, while the iPhone delivers steering, acceleration and location data via the phone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS receiver. The app then translates it all into responsive music and effects, generating a unique driving soundtrack live and in real time. As the website says, the app is “completely in tune with your drive – so every turn of the wheel, gearshift or location change, is reflected in the music”.

Neat, huh? It’d make a nice change from air drumming and rumble strips, or that copy of The Best Ever Driving Songs Volume 39 your weird uncle got you for Kris Kringle that one time.

Via MusicRadar.com