Tyra Banks Pulled Over To Help An Aspiring Model Serve Looks During A Photoshoot

Tyra Banks

Modelling legend / goddess Tyra Banks had just left LA’s ginormous BeautyCon event when she spotted a young aspiring model serving a couple of looks on the side of the road. So naturally, she hopped out of her car to help. Yes, really.

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On Instagram, Banks explained that she had thought Tatyana Ali and her photographer were “kind of going in the wrong direction” with the shoot. So what else could she do but put on her “Super / Model / Hero cape, jump out of the car, grab the camera from the photographer and start clicking.”

All the young photographer needed was a couple of tips and the end result was said to be *kissy fingers*.

“By the way, after five minutes of a quick lesson, the young photographer took some amazing photos of this sweet-orange beauty,” Banks wrote on Instagram alongside a picture from the shoot.

“This pic is mine, but the framing of his shots became really good.”

That lighting.

“Maybe one day I’ll jump out of the car to capture YOU,” Banks teased, adding her signature #TyraTaughtMe. The hashtag has over 43,000 piccies attached to it from all over the world.

Over on her Instagram, Ali shared a video of Banks in action and it is everything. I’m going to go ahead and assume that Ali lost her absolute shit… but only for a couple of seconds because she’s on the job here. With Tyra Banks, no less.

“BASICALLY this is the most iconic moment in my life,” Ali wrote on Instagram. “Quick question though Tyra, can you just sign me?”

As Banks said, LOVE.

“Photo credits: Tyra Banks” is straight fire, that is all.

Earlier this year, Banks came out of retirement to re-shoot her iconic Sports Illustrated cover in a big middle finger to those who think only women of a specific age and body can be supermodels.

“You are friggin’ fierce no matter what anybody says,” she tweeted at the time.