A slow but steady grass-roots movement for Liam Hemsworth, Australia’s hottest export (soz to his bro Chris, but like also it’s true) and recent divorcee (well, separat…ee? Separater? IDK) of Miley Cyrus to be the next Bachelor is underway.

IKNOWIKNOWIKNOWIKNOW. It is highly, highly unlikely that the hyper-successful Hollywood star of the Hunger Games franchise is going to be like “yeah cool, I’ll thrust myself onto reality TV producers in a desperate bid to find love with 24 aspiring skinny tea influencers”.

But just follow me here, ok? I am with these people. As far as I can tell the push started with a podcast called Outspoken, who posted this to FB and went a bit viral with comments.

Then another FB group, Bachelor Memes, picked it up.

Now, we’re taking it one step further. We’ve made a petition. Yes, a real petition. We are that level of dedicated over here.

If you’re a bit TL;DR you can sign up to the change.org (we checked, and it’s weirdly not just for social causes – there’s a section called “Entertainment”) here, but also read on to see why we think Liam’s perfect for the role.

1. He’s Hot

The man is not just a snack, he’s a meal. No – he’s not a meal. He’s a Macca’s Big Mac large meal with 6 nuggets when you’re hungover as fuck.

2. He’s Successful

Something all Bachelor/Bachelorette’s have (or SHOULD have) in common is being successful and settled in their career. The entire point of the show is presenting a total catch – someone who has their shit sorted out – who for one reason or another is single.

Liam is a very famous movie star, so he has that box firmly ticked.

3. He’s Been Unlucky In Love

Another big win for Bachies is if they’ve had a shit run in the love department – think Sam Frost and Richie Strahan!

Now, we all loved Liam and Miley. But they’re over – I reckon for good, this time. It’s irrelevant who did what or who said what, or was it mutual. The point is, he’s tried to make something work for years and it sadly hasn’t.

He’s perfect for this show.

4. Literally Every Woman In Australia Will Apply

Prepare for break up season because if Liam’s announced as the next Bachelor, the entirety of female Australia aged 18-40 (hell, probably my mum as well who is 65) will be splitting up with whoever they’re dating to apply for this show.

It’ll be a disaster and I’m here for it 100%.

5. And The Entire World Will Watch

The most convincing factor for Network Ten is this – if they cast Liam Hemsworth as the next Bachelor Australia, the ENTIRE FUCKING GLOBE will watch the season. The man is famous worldwide – it won’t just be an Aussie hit, it’ll be a global one.

Convinced ya? Sign our petition here. Yes, we’re 100% serious.