A Deleted Twilight Scene About Chinchilla Poop Has Gone Viral And Has Fully Destroyed Me


It’s been a decade since the Twilight movies graced our screens, but we’re still finding newer and deeper levels of wild and upsetting content to dazzle us. This week, a deleted scene from the first movie has gone viral on TikTok, and why this quality material was excised, I’ll never understand.

The scene features Robert Pattinson‘s Edward Cullen looking characteristically like a stunned mullet as Kristen Stewart‘s Bella Swan explores his home and casually tells a very weird childhood story about animal droppings.

Many found Bella, the central character of the Twilight saga, to be a flat and unengaging character, but as @honeydxo points out, that’s probably because they never got to see her pick up a large brown cylindrical object and explain:

“I used to make these. Rainsticks. I had a chinchilla and me and my mom used to make these out of the chinchilla’s droppings and like, paper towel rolls. Maybe that’s weird?”

Basically what Bella is saying is that she and her mother would connect hard, dried nuggets of chinchilla poop and seal them up in a paper towel roll, then shake them around to simulate the sound of rain.

That’s … certainly not the weirdest thing to come out of a series that also gave us the haunted living doll known as Renesmee, but it’s an image that’ll certainly stay with me.

@honeydxook so first of all my voice is way too calm in the beginning for how insane this scene is & 2nd…EDWARDS FACE LITERALLY DID THE ???????????? ##twilight ##fyp♬ original sound – smokey

The same TikTok user has posted a variety of other cooked content from the extended editions of the films, and it’s well worth a look for performances of this quality:

@honeydxoReply to @rhemattis couldn’t fit this whole scene but her last like is “it’s not life or death” ????♬ original sound – smokey