Trump Supporter Goes Viral After Posing With Man Who Is Clearly Not Keanu Reeves

A Trump supporter has gone viral after mistaking a car show attendee for Keanu Reeves. The duo posed together with Trump iconography, alongside a caption expressing delight at the fact that the supposed-Keanu “restores antique bikes and is a Trump supporter!”

The images were originally posted to Facebook group ‘OperationFlagDrop’, a place for people “to post and enjoy pics, videos of Trump 2020 Flag, Sign and Banner drops,” and subsequently went viral after user @ogrods posted screenshots to Twitter.

The OG post has amassed over 5k reacts and 1k shares in a matter of days, and, while a lot of the comments are aware that it’s not Keanu, many earnestly believe it is him… and it’s these comments that are worthy of a Pulitzer.

“Looks jaded and semi not happy” – A 2020 mood
Sorry to burst your bubble, my guy!
Yep. That’s it. That’s the reason.

These above comments are each stunning in their own right. Who’s going to be the one to tell them, though?

Twitter users have had a field day, posting more highlights from the Facebook group comments and suggesting a new name for this Trump-supporting Keanu Reeves lookalike (my favourite is most definitely Canoe).

Canoe. I simply cannot.