Taylor Swift’s BF Travis Kelce Just Hit #1 On iTunes W/ His Own Banger & We Need A Duet, Pronto

Taylor Swift's new man, NFL star Travis Kelce, has added another string to his bow with the revelation that he can also do a bit of singing.

Taylor Swift‘s new man, NFL star Travis Kelce, has added another string to his bow with the revelation that he also has pipes. Not only that, his debut song has just gone #1 on the iTunes charts.

As of Saturday, November 18, the festival jingle “Fairytale Of Philadelphia” holds the top spot in the USA.

The track has even risen above Jack Harlow‘s ear-worm “Lovin On Me” and every song on Drake‘s new album, which, to be fair, was released a month ago.

Watching this man recording his verses in the booth is very trippy. How dare he be so buff, have such a cool girlfriend, and be able to sing!!

The song, which also features Travis’ brother, Philadelphia Eagles NFL star Jason Kelce is a cover of the 1988 hit by The Pogues, titled “Fairytale of New York”.

The boys have rejigged the original song’s lyrics, which featured some literal slurs and a sprinkling of ~very~ colourful language, to bring it into the year of our lord 2023.

So how did this all come about?

Travis’ brother Jason alongside a few of his teammates started the musical group “The Philly Specials” to raise money for charity.

For this year’s album, Jason phoned up his brother, who plays for rival team, The Kansas City Chiefs, due to the song’s narrative fitting the brothers’ chemistry to a tee.

Former rugby league star-turned-NFL player Jordan Mailata will even be lending his vocals to the project, as he is also a player at the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you thought Travis had pipes, peep Jordan’s below. The New South Welshman’s on another level.

So now for the obvious question – when will Travis Kelce be lending his vocals to a Taylor Swift track? Perhaps another Christmas-themed song…

All we can do is wait and see, but I reckon there’s a decent chance knowing how enthusiastic Travis is for stuff like this.

Perhaps they can record something while they’re together in South America?

If you’re keen for more Travis news, check out this collection of his old Tweets from 2010. They’re truly enlightening in all the weirdest ways.