We Were Not Prepared For Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian Reportedly Dating

It is wild to me that I am even shocked at anything the Kardashian family do these days, but here we are. Not content on the Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson affair scandal being hot news, Kourtney Kardashian‘s gone and bloody (reportedly) hooked up with Travis Barker. Yep, Blink-182’s Travis Barker.

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The rumour comes via Radar Online, who say the pair have been telling everyone they’re just friends – but that things have taken a romantic turn of late.

“Ever since Kourt has been single, they’ve gotten closer and closer – to the point where he sneakily stays at her place now,” a source told the outlet.

Apparently Travis has always had the hots for Kourtney, but it’s taken until now for her to reciprocate the feels. He was reportedly “always left on the shelf while she fulfilled her boy toy fantasies.” LOL.

Now, their friendship-turned-romance is getting serious.

“She’s really falling for him,” the source said.

Look – sources are sources, we’re yet to see some hard evidence of this pairing but I for one am hoping this is all legit – Kourt’s always been my favourite Kardashian and she deserves some love in her life! COME THRU TRAVIS.