Travis Barker Reckons He & Kourtney Kardashian Invented Edging And I’m Edging Myself Off A Cliff

travis barker kourtney kardashian

When it comes to oversharing every single facet of their private love life, nobody takes the crown like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. Naturally, they’ve decided to overshare some more, revealing that they (apparently) invented edging. It’s time for me to edge myself off a cliff! Enough!

Kourtney and Travis fuck. We get it. If we ever forgot, they’d be right there to remind us.

In a TikTok video to promote Blink-182’s new song “EDGING”, the band filmed themselves defining the word.

Of course, when it came to Travis, he had to mention his Kardashian wife and the extravagant sex they have with each other multiple times a day.

“Fun fact,” he says in the clip with the full knowledge that what he is about to say is neither fun nor factual.

“Me and my wife invented edging.”

It’s an eight-word sentence but it has broken my mind into tiny pieces. The worst part is I know he fucks like a rabbit. He and Kourtney probably DO edge each other all day.

In case you forgot, let me do the devil’s work and remind you that this isn’t the first piece of unwanted information we’ve received about Kourtney and Travis’ sex life.

Remember the time Kourtney confessed that she was drinking loads of Travis’ cum four times a day to help with fertility? No? Because I do and there isn’t enough therapy in the world that could help me forget.

There was also the time she admitted that Travis Barker has a foot fetish for her *clears throat* “really cute feet”.

“I mean, if someone wants to pay extra attention to my feet, I’m not mad at that,” she said on the Not Skinny Not Fat podcast.

“Well my husband, not just anybody. We just embrace it.”

I know the Kardashians have an issue with keeping things to themselves (I mean, how could you when every piece of your life has been televised for years), but I would very much appreciate it if Kourtney tried to. Just a little. Please, bestie.

Can’t she and Travis spend their time talking about something useful? Like the fact Kourtney used 245 per cent of her California home’s water budget in one month during a drought?