Why Khloé’s Take On Tristan’s Mess Has Been So Damaging For Brand Kardashian

I think I might have only just recovered from my 4am Saturday wake up time to bring you all the revelations from Jordyn Woods‘ tell-all interview, in which she spilled her guts about the Tristan Thompson cheating incident.

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I gave a detailed analysis right HERE, but here’s a summary if you just want the TL:DR version: Jordyn admitted to going to a house party at Tristan’s place, she said there was no lap dance, she just had her legs over his legs on the couch, then when she left at 7am “he kissed me”. She admitted that she neglected to tell her best friend Kylie Jenner or Tristan’s gf Khloé Kardashian about the kiss, but did tell them she was at his house. She referenced Tristan as Khloé’s “ex” and also said she wasn’t the cause of their breakup. Jordyn also claimed there was no history between her and Tristan, no affair, no communication.

The interview sparked an angry tweet from Khloé which you can see HERE, basically branding Jordyn a liar and saying she was the cause of the breakup. Even though she followed that up with a tweet also acknowledging Tristan’s part in the drama, the damage was done. By pointing the blame squarely at Jordyn, Khloé invited some serious backlash, some of it really measured and fair (and some of it really nasty, but it’s the Internet so no surprises there).

Khloé tweeted again the following day, seemingly regretful of reacting with such anger when the interview aired. She clarified her comments, once again pointing out that Tristan is to blame but adding that she felt betrayed by Jordyn. But it really seems like it was too late. From most people I’ve talked to, and from what I’ve seen online, a lot of support is with Jordyn in this situation.

Since I’m far too invested in all of this mess, I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the weekend and I’m actually really interested in how this played out. Khloé’s long been the fan favourite of the Kardashian family. She’s funny, she’s the most relatable, and having interviewed her several times I can confirm she’s just as warm and friendly in person as she seems on TV. After watching her be treated like absolute dirt by several men during the course of Keeping Up With The Kardashians 12-year run, the general consensus is that Khloé’s fans just want her to find a man who treats her well and makes her happy. So it was curious to see her on the back foot with everyone, especially when it’s a moment we should be feeling sorry for her.

The vast majority of people weighing in online were disappointed to see Khloé using Jordyn as the scapegoat for her break-up. That angry tweet did nothing but backfire, spectacularly. Does Khloé forget that Tristan stepped out on her while she was pregnant with their daughter, True? And that when he met Khloé, he was with another woman who was also pregnant with his child? Because your fans certainly don’t.

This tweet from @alissa_ashleyy was one of the first I saw that made me realise Khloé wasn’t escaping this drama without a scratch:

Hate to be that person, but why is Khloe placing so much blame on Jordyn and directing her anger towards her vs the man who had an obligation to be faithful in his relationship with her? Idk I just hate seeing all the blame thrown on her.

Twitter user @AuthorCBarton pointed out:

If your immediate response is to go after a woman when you have a trifling man who is consistent about his cheating, U are looking for an excuse to rationalize still wanting him despite the fact that he doesn’t respect U. Stop giving him that much power.

While @keylafernandez said:

If you’re going to “realize stuff” do it the right way. Cause hun he’s been hurting you since day one and that didn’t stopped u from taking he’s cheating ass back.

@SOCIALLYCRUSHED had this to say:

[Jordyn] shouldn’t want to be associated with them. They all ganged up on her….grown ass women co-signing the bullying of a young person but wouldn’t keep the same for the man who’s been cheating on her from day one.

This comment on Insta is also pretty on-the-money.

Khloe Kardashian

We were all in your corner, Koko, but when you put all the blame solely on Jordyn here you lost us. And that, for the Kardashians brand, is a disaster. She’s the one that keeps the vast majority of the fans even vaguely interested in the family. If you lose Khloé fans, you lose a huge chunk your fanbase.

And surely Kris Jenner knows that. Surely Kris Jenner was behind the about-face tweets that Khloé posted the day after the interview.

As for right now, I personally think Khloé needs to do what she should have done after the interview and maintain her silence / try to retain some of her dignity. She is a victim here, of course, but it’s her reaction that made her into a villain. And if she’s really looking for my opinion, it’s that she should dump Tristan’s no-good ass and never take him back, because let’s all remember who the actual villain is — and has been, repeatedly — in this relationship. Alexa, play Thank u, next.