There’s going out on the piss, and then there’s going out on the piss, and it seems Todd Carney may just have gone a little bit too far.

Overnight, an image appeared on Twitter, showing the Cronulla Sharks player engaged in what mainstream media are calling a “lewd act” at a urinal – for those with less delicate sensibilities, he’s peeing into his own mouth.

You can see the photo in all its highly NSFW glory here if you really want to.

Carney is no stranger to alcohol related mischief, and it’s not even the first time he’s been caught marking his territory on something. In 2008, while playing for the Canberra Raiders, he was suspended after an incident in which he urinated on a man in a nightclub.

Back in 2006, Carney was charged with drink driving, and subsequently had his license taken away for five years. He was later sentenced to community service when he was caught driving while disqualified and failed to stop for police.

In 2009, he was ordered into alcohol counselling after he vandalised a series of cars and a Fone Zone store in Golburn. Later that year, he set a dude on fire at a New Year’s Eve party.

The Cronulla Sharks and the NRL have not yet commented on this latest incident, but they probably won’t be thrilled that Carney has made a drunken dickhead of himself yet again.

via Sydney Morning Herald

Photo: Ryan Pierse via Getty Images