Todd Carney’s Potty Mouth Inspires A Steady Stream Of Imitators

We all saw what went down over this past weekend. Cronulla Sharks player Todd Carney had a wee little accident when an errant leak of his errant leak got him caught up in all sorts of trouble. Not even his number one backers at the club could look past it; far too pissed off that he’d pissed on himself to justify keeping the rubgy whiz kid, they decided to pinch off the drama and slash him from the team.

The man former teammate Braith Anasta once described as “A champion (but an) idiot on the piss” was unceremoniously sacked from Cronulla after photos of him apparently urinating into his own mouth surfaced on them internets. Because setting a bloke’s pants on fire, a vandalism spree, multiple drink driving arrests and pissing on someone else is kind of all in a day’s work for an NRL player. But weeing in your own mouth? That’s crossing the line.
And, of course, with the internet being the internet, reactions occurred.

Which weirdly included those within the NRL inner circle sticking up for Carney too.

But it doesn’t stop there. A torrent of imitations to the incident – helping to spurn on a trend grossly entitled “Bubbling” – have popped up in the days following, with a now non-existent Facebook page entitled “Piss in your mouth for Todd Carney” purportedly featured photos of users indeed weeing into thy own mandibles being uploaded almost as quickly as they were being deleted.

The phenomenon isn’t even new. Vice reported on the trend which is apparently huge in Australia – who knew, right? – and the breed of fearless skaters that partake in it. Which is coverage that, in turn, seems to have been sparked by a now infamous incident at a secret show by US hipster hardcore outfit Trash Talk in Melbourne around two weeks ago in which a guy did, in fact, go dick-to-mouth in the only way possible for non-contortionists.
If you’ve got a sour taste in the mouth after reading all of that, I certainly can’t blame you.
Photo: Matt King via Getty Images.