Timothée Chalamet Can’t Escape That Time He Made A Rap Video About Maths

Timothee Chalamet

Whenever perpetual good sport Timothée Chalamet appears on a talk show, there’s a very good chance the host is going to bring up that one time he made a rap for his maths project.

[jwplayer iQytzQGl]

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show this week, Chalamet had been promoting his latest film Beautiful Boy – which just hit cinemas in the UK this week – when Norton prodded him about the rap.

Initially described as a “statistics song” followed by the words “horrible, bad, bad level, worst level”, Chalamet explained that the song came about because he already had a rap persona by the name of Lil’ Timmy Tim. 

Yes, Lil’ Timmy Tim.

So, back in the day, Lil’ Timmy Tim filmed the project at school in front of a green screen… with a cap on his head… pushed to the side.

I’m pointing to different – I was going to Photoshop my teacher’s face in but I got too lazy so it’s kind of weird in the video, I’m just pointing around and there’s nothing,” he told Norton.

Bless him.

Despite his wonderful efforts, Chalamet was given a D from his unimpressed teacher but look, at least the crowd and Saoirse Ronan really enjoyed the song.

Skip ahead to 1:41 to watch the work of art.

How Chalamet’s teacher could only give him a D? I don’t quite know.

Since his rap days, Chalamet has earned himself multiple wins and nominations for his work on the big screen including an Oscar nom for Best Actor for his role in Call Me By Your Name. And, if the whispers are correct, he might be earning another one for Beautiful Boy. 

Th nominations for the 91st Academy Awards ceremony will be announced on January 22. Find out more, HERE