The Traitors S2 Is Going To Feature Celebs So Peep The Spicy Stars Who Have Been Recruited

Channel Ten’s theatrical reality show The Traitors is back for Season Two. But this time, instead of casting average everyday normies, the show has decided to cast some bigger names to spice it up.

The contestant with the biggest profile is Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier.

It’s not the first time Hannah has appeared on a Channel Ten show. Last year, she was the cruise director on the dating show, The Real Love Boat. But when it turned into a dumpster fire and the ratings bombed, it was moved to Ten Peach, which is honestly where Channel Ten shows go to die.

However, as one of the biggest Below Deck fans around, I can vouch that Hannah is an incredibly entertaining gal who actively leans into drama. As we all know, that’s what makes a good reality star.

I can’t wait to see her on a show where manipulation and sneakiness are the aim of the game. Girly is going to thrive.

The next big name in the lineup is former Survivor and Big Brother VIP star Luke Toki. After two stints on Survivor, Luke has been dubbed ‘King Of The Jungle’ so I don’t think he’s going to fuck around with too much sweet talk on The Traitors.

Luke and Hannah are joined by cook and radio personality Ash Pollard, who has been featured on a heap of reality shows in the past. Her reality resume already includes My Kitchen Rules, Dancing with the Stars and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

Gyton Grantley, who appeared in my mum’s favourite drama House Husbands and Underbelly, is giving the show a crack alongside motivational speaker Paul de Gelder and TikTok comedian Ian Zaro.

@ianz95 Introducing the cunning contestants checking into the ultimate game of deception 🧐 The new season of #TraitorsAU ♬ Lucky Girl – Carlina

The rest of the cast are unknown normies, but I can’t wait for them to give the big dogs a run for their money when the backstabbing begins.

In case you missed it, The Traitors is a reality show hosted by Roger Corser. The show follows 24 contestants in a mansion as they basically play a huge game of Mafia.

They all enter as “Faithfuls” hoping to share the prize at the end.  Each day they have to complete a series of challenges to find silver bars to add to the prize pool. But along the way, four contestants called “Traitors” are secretly working against the group to sabotage challenges and eliminate contestants one by one.

The Faithfuls must work together to discover who are Traitors and eliminate them to go home with a share of the prize money. But if they don’t succeed, the Traitors will share the prize fund.

Although Season One of The Traitors didn’t get amazing ratings, the show is a huge hit in the UK and has recently launched a US version with Alan Cumming as the host.

When the show was renewed for another season in January, Paramount ANZ’s spokesperson Daniel Monaghan told TV Tonight that the network is standing by the whimsical reality show.

The Traitors didn’t set our world on fire last year, but it was such a well-made show,” he said, noting that it deserved more attention.

“I think when you put up something like The Traitors and it doesn’t do as strong numbers as you think it deserves, you’d look at the quality of the show and think ‘Can you grow it?’”

So, I guess the big dogs at the network are trying to grow it by adding celebs into the mix. Only time will tell whether they’ve found the right recipe for success.