Teens Are 100% Going To Murder Each Other In 1st Look At Ryan Murphy’s New Netflix Show

The Politician

I am but a simple person, I see Jessica Lange – I CLICK. The almighty queen stars in a new Netflix show from Ryan Murphy called The Politician, and it looks as Ryan Murphy as ever. It even stars a handful of Glee and American Horror Story alums.

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The gist: preppy student Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) has known since age seven that he’s going to be the President of the United States one day. He’s determined as hell. But first he’ll have to endure / survive / navigate his way through the political landscape of Saint Sebastian High School, all while trying to get elected Student Body President and lock in a spot at Harvard. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The Politician stars a slew of familiar names like Gwyneth Paltrow (the forgetful one), Zoey Deutch (Set It Up), Lucy Boynton (Bohemian Rhapsody), Julia Schlaepfer (Instinct), and Laura Dreyfuss (Glee). Rahne Jones, Theo Germaine, David Corenswet, Bob Balaban, and Benjamin Barrett co-star.

Also, I’m quite sure I spotted American Horror Story daddy Dylan McDermott in the trailer.

There are eight hour-long episodes in season 1, directed by Murphy and his co-creator Brad Falchuk, and frequent collaborator Ian Brennan.

The Politician hits Netflix September 27. You can add it to your list on Netflix right here.


Lots, lots going on in that trailer.

In related news, American Horror Story: 1984 hits FX next month (September). This season looks to be a big tribute to the slasher era – Friday The 13th vibes, I reckon.

Unfortunately, adored AHS star Evan Peters is sitting this season out for the first time in nine seasons. But otherwise, the cast includes Emma Roberts, Gus Kenworthy, and Cody Fern to name a few.

American Horror Story: 1984 premieres September 18 on FX.

The ’80s are really bloody popular at the moment.