The Oldfields Are Trying For Baby #3 Cause They “Fucked The First Two Up”

Despite declaring two months ago that she was gearing up a big ol’ divorce, ‘Real Housewives of Sydney’ star and swear-loving socialite Lisa Oldfield, has announced she and husband/former One Nation deputy David Oldfield are trying for a third baby, rinsing her two current children in the process.
The 42-year-old celeb has told Daily Mail that she and off-again-on-again partner David are attempting to get pregnant for the third time, also revealing that it is one of the factors behind her not possibly returning for a second season of ‘RHOS’, which she says is yet to even get the full green-light:

“Honestly, the show hasn’t been recommissioned so cast and crew do not know if or when there will be a season two. That said, the current mix of women is clearly untenable and I’ve been asked to recommend new cast mates should a second season go ahead.”

Always a fan of an F-bomb or two, Oldfield also threw up this pearler of a reason behind wanting to give the whole creating-human-life thing another red hot go, saying “I figured we fucked the first two up, so hopefully three’s a charm!”
Her current children Albert, 4, and Harry, 6, could not be reached for comment re: this epic motherly sledge, because why would we do that?
The news that the Oldfields are “trying” (ugh that phrase is so rank imho), comes after the couple recently admitted they haven’t been going to bone-town on the reg for while, with David going as far as admitting that the last time they were “intimate” (oh god I’m gonna be sick) was exactly “January 16, 2016, around 7pm.”
David, that’s very, very cool and normal that you recall that. Almost as cool as the insanely racist political party you co-founded.
For more insanity and swears from the slightly less-probbo Oldfield, hit the video we recently cooked up together with Lisa, below:

Source: Daily Mail.
Picture: Matrix / Getty.