The Cast Of ‘The Office’ Finally Reunited To Recreate Jim And Pam’s Iconic Wedding On Zoom

Well, well, well, how the turntables. The cast of The Office have finally done a reunion, of sorts, by recreating Jim and Pam’s iconic wedding on Zoom. Suddenly, millions of people now have lumps in their throats.

It all started when Maryland couple and Office-obsessives Susan Hedrick and John Lush sent John Krasinksi a video of their proposal, which basically mirrored Jim’s proposal to Pam in the series. Krasinski then invited them onto his YouTube show, Some Good News, for what they thought was going to be a quick chat.

One-by-one, Krasinski then invited the couple’s parents, bridesmaid and groomsman into their Zoom chat. Then, suddenly, Krasinski crowned himself best man and invited Jenna Fischer into the chat as the maid of honour, before cutting his own tie with a pair of scissors.

“Here’s all I’m gonna say: One day, your kids are going to assume that their parents are soulmates,” Fischer said.

“And in your case, they will be right.”

At around 14:50, the music starts and suddenly everyone’s transported back to that Niagara Falls church in 2009. Steve Carell, Mindy Kaling, B. J. Novak and the rest joined the chat completely in-character.

Michael finally came (that’s what she said) and danced awkwardly, straight face and all. Dwight karate-kicked his actual wife in the chin. Meredith screwed her face up and waltzed with a bottle of vodka. Kevin wore tissue boxes as shoes. Oscar did that weird vogue-esque thing. And Creed was, well, Creed.

It was like watching the real thing all over again, and pretty much everyone else was there, too. Angela, Kelly, Ryan, Andy, Erin, Angela and Phyllis, all joined in and it was cute AF. Unfortunately, Stanley was probably busy carving birds in Florida or something.

To top it off, the kind-of-wedding may have actually been legit. Just before it started, Krasinski whipped out a certificate he got from being ordained online.

It’s strange how a comedy which gave us Jan’s dinner party can somehow, unintentionally produce such beautiful and memorable moments. Seeing it recreated, with the cast dancing just as awkwardly yet enthusiastically as they did in the original, is possibly one of the most heartwarming things to happen over Zoom so far.

Now, if they do the teapot video I will actually cry.